Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond) Seed

Tree; leaves simple, alternate, appearing after the flowers, oblong-lanceolate; flowers peduncled, pink. Distributed  in central Nepal to about 2500-3500 m, cultivated. A refreshing, uplifting  sweet, fruity aroma herb; having an emollient and nourishing properties;suitable for all skin types; especially useful for dry and aging skin; an excellent moisturizer, therefore plump cells and increase moisture retention in lip and skin; presence of GLA, vitamins A and E soothe, rejuvenates the skin; good to cure skin infections and to fight with acne, cellulite; Also helps to lift depression, anxiety, dizziness, nervousness and lighten mood.

1. Oil of this herb is good for the treatment of cracked skin and skin diseases
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