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Tridoshic Soap

Even if one dosha is predominant, sometimes the other elements will need balancing. Our Tridoshic Soap work with all three doshas to bring balanc...


Baby Chamomile Soap

Enriched with Olive oil with soothing, immune booster herbs infusion; this Baby Chamomile Soap is gentle enough for your baby. This gentle baby s...


Mountain Forest Body Bar

Six alpine essential oils with a number of therapeutic benefits are combined with nettle, used extensively by traditional Himalayan healers for t...


Top To Bottom Unscented Shampoo and Body Bar

A shampoo and body bar for sensitive skin. A pure and gentle vegetable soap bar enriched with natural henna powder, Coconut oil and Olive oil fo...


Wild Himalayan Nettle Unscented Body Bar

A bar with an earthy herb aroma, enriched with natural properties of wild Nettle. Nettle is a staple of traditional healers and used extensively ...


High Mountain Herbal Blend Soap

Tibetan Hotsprings Juniper, Cedarwood and Spikenard soaps are combined into one high mountain herbal blend to fill your bathroom with sacred scen...


Citronella Soap

A refreshing bar with lemony aroma, formulated with Citronella essential oil and Neem herb - having antiseptic, anti bacterial and astringent pro...


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