Pure Base Oils



Pure Sweet Almond Oil

A light pale yellow colored natural oil having sweet and nutty aroma; obtained from seeds of Prunus amygdalus; contains several essential vitamin...


Pure Avocado Oil

Only introduced to Nepal in this past century, Avocado is the Aztec word for 'testicles' Ahuacuatl. Avocado oil moisturizes and nourishes dehydr...


Pure Grape Seed Oil

A magnificent natural oil which can dowonders for your skin and hair. Presence of linoleic acid - an essential fatty acid very good for skin and...


Pure Himalayan Mustang Apricot Seed Oil

This precious hand-crushed Apricot oil comes from the high himalayan region Mustang. An easily absorbable mild natural oil with pleasant nutty ar...


Pure Himlayan Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame oil, obtained from the seeds of the Sesamum indicum plant, is one of the best oil that can be used for dry hair and dry skin care; presenc...


Pure Himalayan Hemp Seed Oil

A clear yellowish green colored natural oil, obtained from Cannabis sativa, having nutty aroma. Rich in important essential fatty acids (linoleic...


Pure Himalayan Flax Seed oil

This precious golden yellow Flaxseed oil comes from the Terai region of Nepal. It is highly beneficial for skin and hair - has potentiality to in...


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