Urtica dioca (Nettle) Leaf Powder

Stinging shrub with ovate or lanceolate teethed leaves; flowers small, green. Distributed in central and eastern Nepal at 500-4500 m (Mid Hills-Himalayan), in moist areas and on uncultivated land. Beneficial for skin and hair. A great cleanser especially for oily and dry skin. Deep cleans the pores and removes dirt that contributes to blackheads;  Also helps clean out infected pores that cause whiteheads; Keep balances oil production for dry and oily skin


1. Washing the scalp with nettle (leaves or roots) infusion helps regenerate, grow and thicken the hair. 2. Root paste is used in cuts and wounds 3. Nettles are a good general tonic of the female reproductive system 4. Drinking neetle soup has high neutraceutical values.
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